Adding Field Hockey as a new Sport to the Tourney Tool

Here are the criteria we use in Field Hockey to rank teams at the end of pool play:


6.1 The following points will be awarded for each match

  • Three points to the winner
  • One point to each team in the event of a draw
  • No points to the loser.

Teams will be ranked according tothe number of points each has accumulated in its own pool.
6.2 (a) If at the end of the round-robincompetition, two or more teams have the same number of points for any place,these teams will be ranked according to the team which won the most matches.
(b) Shouldin this case the number of games won by two or more teams be equal, then theseteams will be ranked
according to their respectivegoal-difference (which means “goals for” less “goals against”).

A positive goal-difference always takesprecedence over a negative one.

(c) Ifthere remains equality between two or more teams, then these teams will beranked according to the respective number of their “goals for.”

(d) Shouldin this case the “goals-for” awarded to two or more teams be equal, then theresult of the match played
between those teams involved will betaken into consideration to determine the ranking of the tied teams.

  • Liz Haakenson
  • Apr 3 2015
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