Live Scoring: Ability to select registered players to add to a team at the start of the game instead of free typing names

At the start of a game in the live scoring system, scorers tick off the roster players for a team. Sometimes a team does not have enough players, so we get fill in players so a game can go ahead.

The scorers have to manually type in player names when adding a player to a team and often get the name wrong and at times add in the players multiple times.

Instead of typing in a player names when adding a player to a team, maybe we can add in a search for player function that allows the scorer to add a registered player to that team just for that game.

So when a scorer adds a player to a team in the live scoring team section, they start typing in the player search bar and names from the active Registration List for that season appear until they find the player they are looking for. This means fill in's must be registered players from other teams (this is normal for us).

This will stop double entries and scorers getting player names wrong. Plus it will stop double handling with an admin person going into the system and fixing it up later.

The player stats only count for that team only and they only appear on the teams roster for that game (but will be listed in the player stats list). we don't want them being roster on for that team for the other games, so they do not get email alters etc.

If they fill in again for that team, then their stats between the two games will join together (how it functions now if players are linked).

  • Peter King
  • Nov 12 2019
Frequency Daily
Which sport(s) does this apply to: Basketball, Baseball/Softball, Football, Gymnastics, Lacrosse, Ice Hockey, Rugby, Soccer, Volleyball, Wrestling, Other, Not Sport Specific, Baseball, Softball, Canadian Football
Organization type League
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