Save queries in Rostering Tool

In the rostering tool it would be very useful if a user was able to save a query like they are able to do in registrations in saved reports.  This would be useful in cases where there are many clubs within an association.  For example, in our soccer association we have over 1500 player registrations that cross 5 clubs/cities.  We have a representative that is responsible for each of those clubs.  They typically only want to see players that are registered for their club.  They do need to sometimes take players from another club but most often they are only viewing players for their club.

Currently there is no way for a rep to save a query.  Each time they come into the rostering tool they have to filter on their club so it is only showing players for their club and the same with the teams.  Would be more efficient if a rep could complete a query, save it so they could come back to it later like they are able to do in saved reports in registrations.


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  • Apr 26 2019
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Which sport(s) does this apply to: Soccer
Organization type Association/Club
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