The ability to attach floor routine music files to competing gymnasts in a meet

Currently we use a 3rd party application for playing of gymnasts floor routine music which can cause some confusion if the two databases are not synced.  I.e. sometimes the name or gymnasts number etc in the music database does not match the data in BTS, also the performing rotations of gymnasts on the floor would be far easier to maintain if the music file was played back from the BTS application as apposed to from the 3rd party music player.  We could also keep a more accurate record and file storage of the music files with a audit trail of uploaded and attached music files for each gymnast.  Our music volunteers (sometime with limited computer skills) would also find it easier to manage and far less stressful.  All they would need to do is follow the meet and which gymnasts is performing next and click on the music file attached to the gymnasts name.

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  • Mar 4 2018
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Which sport(s) does this apply to: Gymnastics
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