Customizeable or numerous scorecard templates to choose from

The current scorecard template is restrictive in that the critical information for referees (age, score, team name, color, signature box for coaches) is lost and at the same size as ancillary event such as roster, etc. Additionally, our event does not require roster information, is only two halves instead of quarters and in general requires less detail than what the scorecard provides. The scorecard is not an accommodating size at a full sheet of paper to be used by a referee during each game.

Our team this year starting cutting the scorecards in half in order to make it easier to manage by referees, but it is still a waste of paper due to the unnecessary fields for our event. It would benefit us both financially from a printing standpoint as well as from an ease of use and accuracy standpoint for the scorecards to be simplified or have a simplified version available. This simplified version would have the needed team details, boxes for score and penalties as well as places for each coach and the referee to sign. This allows referees to quickly and accurately complete the scorecard without having to fumble through dozens of unneeded fields.

One solution would be to have two options for a simplified or detailed score sheet printout. Otherwise, allowing customers to build their own template through API or other means would be ideal. It could be offered as an additional service to have a custom score sheet created for the client and then used, leading to a positive impact on both sales and the client's event. This allows the client to avoid having to execute a difficult merge between tournament data pulls and third party software. For clients like us that run 14 events a year with over 2,000 teams, it would be ideal to have an easier and more efficient solution.

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  • Nov 22 2017
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    Jessica Pitzel commented
    April 14, 2018 19:09

    Great idea @ John.  We'll be looking at our scoring/stats capabilities over the course of this year and into the next.  Helpful to hear that the abbreviated score card is needed.