Integrate Coaches' Roster submissions with Player Waiver Completion


-Coaches submit their rosters when or after they register a team for the tournament

-In order for players to be eligible to participate in the event they need to complete a player waiver.

-An easy system for coaches and tournament director to cross reference roster with waivers to ensure every player has completed a waiver, is rostered, and is age-eligible. Currently, this is a 3-4 window/step system.

Current system:

-Coaches download paper roster, fill it out (often inputting only their own information instead of parents'), and email it to us. Even using the "collect rosters" option (which we plan to do next year) coaches could still in put their own email addresses on the roster form instead of parents', correct?

-We have team pages built for every program or team with a survey report that allows a coach to log in and see who from his team has completed a waiver. This is time consuming, requires a lot of work on our end to set up the team pages and survey reports and it usually goes unused because most coaches do not bother to check it. While the process of asking a coach to log in and see who has completed a waiver seems straightforward, most coaches think this extra step is a hassle because there is no easy way for him/her to cross reference the completed waivers with the submitted rosters - other than manually which, we've been told multiple times, is too time consuming.


Ideal system:

-Using the "collect rosters" portion of the registration, the coaches would enter in each player and/or parent's information.The coach would have the ability to go back and edit the rosters until a set date if players add/drop

-Once the roster is submitted online, an email would automatically be sent to the player/parent email address with the waiver link. As it's currently set up, we do this step manually.

-Changing the set up to have the waiver automatically emailed to the parent/player would ensure the coach submits the correct parent information and would also ensure each parent receives the link to the waiver. At present, we sent the individual player waiver to the coaches and he has to email it out - as you can imagine, not all coaches do this in a timely manner and some fail to do it entirely leaving us with players who have not completed a waiver.

-Finally, and most importantly, the coach could log back in to the roster submission site and view/edit his/her rosters, and see who on the submitted roster has completed a waiver, and have the option to "resend the waiver" to any players on the roster who have not completed the individual player.

A great example of this system can be found here: As a tournament director, the roster submission and waiver monitoring process is seamless AND can be transferred/applied to multiple LA tournaments throughout the summer. We would LOVE to have this set up as an option for our 2017 tournament as the current process is a bit of a headache.


Thank you for considering it!

  • LMeese Osborne
  • Jun 30 2016
Frequency Several times a year
Which sport(s) does this apply to: Not Sport Specific
Organization type Tournament
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