Add optional Arrival Time to Events or Games

Our teams play in a league where players are expected to be at the field 45 minutes before the schedule start of an away game and 30 minutes prior to the beginning of a home game.  While it's possible to add the information to the notes, making it an optional field would make it useful and more user friendly.  Alerts could be based off the arrival time (if the arrival time is set) or start time (if no arrival time is set).  

  • Tracey Schnabel
  • Apr 1 2017
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Which sport(s) does this apply to: Soccer
Organization type Association/Club
  • Oct 10, 2017

    Admin response

    Arrival time is now available for games.

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  • Dan Myhre commented
    April 01, 2017 11:40

    This is definitely needed.  SE has already marked this as future consideration here: SITE-I-574

  • Tracey Schnabel commented
    April 01, 2017 05:07

    Might be similar to another idea listed.  The coach could enter the minutes before start time to calculate the Arrival time.

    I agree that it would be helpful to enter the length of the match + halftime break to calculate the estimated end time, too.



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