Need field when creating new game to store uniform

For each game, I need to tell the team which uniform to wear.  I need to enter it when I create the game.  It needs to display on the invitation email, as well as on the game details screen.  It also needs to be easily visible on the mobile app.  I have been making do with putting it in as a comment (because the Notes field does not display on the mobile app), but this is not the nicest solution.  AND it doesn't display on the invitation email.

  • Dorothy Sutton
  • Sep 30 2016
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Frequency Weekly
Which sport(s) does this apply to: Not Sport Specific
Organization type Association/Club
  • Oct 10, 2017

    Admin response

    A new field called uniform is available to input this information.

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  • Dorothy Sutton commented
    October 11, 2017 02:29

    I did see the new field for uniform, but it does not display on either the game details screen on the website, nor the invitation email.

  • Justus Martin commented
    August 14, 2017 18:33

    This is a pretty basic and important feature. I understand that there is a field for Home/Away and that usually there are specific uniforms for each. I also understand that there is a notes section. However, at most tournaments, Home/Away doesn't correspond to the uniform that needs to be worn. It would be great if I could select a default home/away uniform color for games and events, and have the ability to edit that for each game if necessary.