Allow single occurrence invite to non-rostered players

My club has 3 teams, but it's common for players from one team to attend another's practice.  I'd like the ability to invite a specific person (preferably not rostered) to a single practice out of a recurring series.  For example, let's assume team A practices every Monday and I need 10 players to have a legit practice.  I have 9, so I'd like to invite a specific player(s) from team B to that single practice but not the whole series.  That player is not part of team A, but would just be attending that practice to fill it out.

  • Kevin Heinrich
  • Sep 13 2016
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  • Jim Fentress commented
    February 07, 2018 21:13

    100% ditto for us!  In our case, it might be to fill out an 8-person rowing shell.  Need to know if there's enough already before committing to making a 30-minute trip across a bridge into the other town!

  • Jim Fentress commented
    February 07, 2018 21:14

    In fact, the members of the other team should be able to view the RSVPs to the "event"/Practice.