Can we schedule invites/reminders? And, can we group them? Could they just be "open" invites?

Can we schedule invites/reminders? And, can we group them?  For instance, we have 2 dryland, 3 on ice and 2+ games per week. That means every time we invite for the week, we are sending 7+ emails.  Additionally, our practices are pretty standard from Sept 1 - March 15. Could they just be "open" invites? In other words, players/parents can update without waiting on the invite. Right now, Team Managers or Coaches send and invite before anyone can RSVP.

  • Kathleen Campbell
  • May 29 2016
Frequency Daily
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  • Jim Dahline commented
    June 23, 2016 13:10

    Hi Kathleen, Are your games/practices typically optional or is it expected that your athletes will participate? Reason I ask is because I've seen other IDEAS where customers want the RSVP type feature, but want it to operate in a fashion like "I'm going to be going unless I go in and tell you 'no'"

  • Kathleen Campbell commented
    June 23, 2016 13:55

    Hi Jim.

    Regardless of how we set up our RSVP policies, we don't want to "have to send invite" in order for players/parents to respond.  That would be at the discretion of the Coach/Manager.

    We are looking to have all events open for player/parents to RSVP without having to send an invite. The issue is having to send the "invite" email as opposed to just having the event open to RSVP. 

    For instance, our teams have 10 practices leading up to a Tournament in August.  The Coach would like to know who will and won't be in attendance at practices so he can plan for the summer.  In order to do that, we'd have to send out 10 invites to each player. We'd rather just have them "open" for RSVP so players/parents can Yes/No.