Add a "Do Not Send Notification.” checkbox in the manual event entry window. 

When we upload our game schedules the calendar gets populated and all is good. Nobody receives notifications which is helpful because we often have to upload the schedules three or four times either because we screw it up, there are duplicated events or most often a game or two gets rescheduled. This is great. 

Let’s say we have one game to adjust or add. If we do that manually the system sends a notice to everyone that is subscribed to that team. Then let’s say that we enter it wrong and make an adjustment. Another notice is sent out. Now let’s say I want to add four games to a team’s schedule and don’t want notices sent. It takes longer to create and upload a file than it does to add the four games manually. But then four notices are sent out. 

This is particularly crucial when I am adding games during tournaments that release schedules at the last minute. There needs to be a way to turn off that notification when an event is added manually. A check box would certainly do the trick. 

  • Philip Iglehart
  • Sep 2 2016
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  • Guest commented
    10 Oct, 2018 05:59pm

    Add a 'do not send' in the ADD event as well as the EDIT event. You have it in the individual team 'add event', why not on the global calendar add event????

  • Bobbi Sarra Hinkson commented
    6 Aug, 2017 03:46am

    Yes Yes Yes, I also find that it is later in the evening when there is time to work on updates and sending alerts at bedtime, parents and players doesn't go over well.

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