Team Messaging Needs to Handle Estranged Parents

The overall SportsEngine messaging system is somewhat flawed, and this issue with estranged parents only makes that more apparent.

Team Admins have very little flexibility in terms of how they can manage their user's access to the messaging system, and it's apparent that this is because of SportsEngine's desire to maintain cross-site access for SportsEngine members.

Even for parents who aren't estranged, it's very difficult for them to follow all the steps necessary to get a spouse to receive emails. Even though it seems like most people should understand how to set up accounts like this in our age of smart phones and computers embedded in just about everything, you'd be surprised how challenged a lot of people are with things like "linking accounts".

We actually had to have a team meeting at my house and have all the parents (one-by-one) log in to their account on my laptop so I could walk them through the process of linking their spouse's account to the primary account. It shouldn't be that hard.

Regarding the estranged parents, a simple workaround would be to set up a custom group at the team page for additional contacts that could include an estranged parent as long as the parent had a SportsEngine account, but that's pretty much useless because custom groups are not visible in the SportsEngine app and the Team Manager interface.

I've been told by our account rep that Development is aware of the shortcomings of the messaging system, and hopefully changes are coming.

But I'm still mystified that something Shutterfly and TeamSnap handles so easily is so difficult for SportsEngine. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that SportsEngine's real strength is creating a modular web framework that's pretty easy to use.


  • Peter Lucas
  • Aug 30 2016
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  • Feb 16, 2018

    Admin Response

    Please check out our new feature that was just released in the mobile app and will soon migrate to the desktop version. You can now add a guardian to an account that can manage many aspects of an athletes sports schedule such as see the schedule, RSVP to games and events, send and receive messages and participate in chat. Here is a quick over view.

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