Assign Cheer Squads to a Football Team's Game

For our organization (three football teams, five cheer squads), we are currently entering games for each team. For the cheer squads, they are entering in their games as true "games", which makes it look like they are playing against the other team. The reality is they are just cheering at the game. 

I was thinking (and this may pertain to basketball or other sports as well, but would be huge in youth football) that it would be great to be able to link one or more cheer squads to every football game. This way our calendar doesn't look like we have eight games, it would just show the three that the football teams are playing with the associated events (preferably not marked as games) for the cheer squads who also need to be there. 

  • Joe Proulx
  • Aug 17 2016
  • Already exists
Frequency Several times a year
Which sport(s) does this apply to: Other
Organization type Association/Club
  • Aug 20, 2016

    Admin response

    You can do this today. The way you would set this up is to create your cheerleading team using the 'other' sport type (if you don't see this sport your account manager can enable it for you). This sport type doesn't support 'games.' Once you create the team, schedule the game under the football team and after the game is entered, you can edit the game and tag it to the cheerleading team (or you can do this in one step using the schedule import). Now you will see the game appear on the cheerleading calendar.

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  • Joe Proulx commented
    22 Aug, 2016 05:40pm

    Great, I had no idea the site could be set up this way. I will reach out to my account manager. 

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