Sync League Games on our Team Site

We have teams that play in multiple leagues. The NJ Bandits are in the Metro EHL and EJEPL which are both SportsEngine League sites.

We created a team on our site for the NJ Bandits 16AA Black team which is in the EJEPL in the 16U Gary Dineen Conference. We played a league game last weekend. Game data is loaded by the league directly on the league site. We simply loaded the result onto our site. 

There should be a way to link the EJEPL Team (ID# 1480185) to the Bandits site team (ID# 1498548) so when the data is published on the league site, it's mirrored to ours. We can't use mirrors as we are not Webmasters on the league site and we want to use our Team Page for some of the other capabilities of the SportsEngine platform.

I have tried using mirrors for another organization in our building but with that team there are generally no non-league games or events. MIrroring from that league's site is sufficient.

I have also tried subscribing to the calendar from the league site and add it to the Team's calendar but then the games appear as events and there's no game data/results.

If you could "link" the teams so that data can flow in one direction (League Games are added to the Team Page as a Game), we could effectively share the data. Maybe on the schedule page on the Team site, it would display "League Game" or "EJEPL" for league games and "Non-League" or a user defined entry (some user entered label for a league not on the platform or exhibition).

  • Jason Schwartz
  • Aug 15 2016
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  • Aug 20, 2016

    Admin response

    This feature is currently going into beta. Please contact if you would like to beta the feature.

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