Ability to Delete Specific Teams

Here's a thought. Try concentrating on the simple things first with your app/site. I don't care if I can see the details of every transaction from the last decade, or if I can sign up for a Dibs item, if I can't simply delete one of my kids old Team memberships from 3 years ago that I keep automatically getting calendar items for. I have three Teams I can't get rid of.

Pray does a smart person with a linear logic decode the secret method of simply getting a Team removed from their profile?

Intuition would say that if a person were to log in, go to "Teams," click three vertical dots (menu) for a specific team...they should find a delete option in that sub menu. Not the case. No ability to get off of a Teams contact list. It doesn't even matter that the season is different...a 2017 team that is still getting the practice schedule for a 2020-21 team...irritating. I suspect there is a way to delete these, but the simple fact that its not the intuitive way makes this exercise silly.

Honestly...SE is one of the worst apps I have ever seen. I have used it for three kids, in multiple sports at different levels (youth to high school). I have been a simple parent of player up to association and booster member. The issues with Teams is the tip of the iceberg. Calendar problems, administrative access problems, scheduling problems, and the list goes on. Customer service is equally useless...this is reference to a high school team I'm on the board for, and the lack of correspondence our SE admin person received (or didn't receive if you will) regarding Denied Access issues for our team families. Simply a useless site/app. No idea how this ever took over the youth sports world.

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  • Nov 9 2020
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