Tweak the security for individual/game/team statistics

Our football organization absolutely loves the live scoring and the subsequent game reports and individual/team statistics it produces. You guys did a wonderful job building that out. 

But the challenge we are having now is the security around this information. We want to open up the SportsEngine Live experience to our parents during and after games, but we want to limit the individual statistics (both team and individual) to the coaching staff only. We're dealing with 10yo kids and don't want them comparing themselves to each other, but the coaching staff can learn a lot about the team from that information. 

Right now in the Tool Settings I can either inherit the page permissions (our page is wide open, meaning the stats will be wide open) or I can disable stats (this does appear to let me use SportsEngine Live, but then blocks everyone but myself, the webmaster, from seeing the data). 

I am testing a workaround whereby I give my coaching staff Edit access to the team page, then they can go into Edit Mode and the stats become available. But this also gives them the ability to edit the page details and other functionality which I'd rather they not have. 

  • Joe Proulx
  • Aug 5 2016
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