More Robust Messaging in team management

If I go into the Admin Panel and email my membership or a certain group, I have the option of emailing in Plain Text, Rich Text, or Page Layout mode. I frequently use Page Layout mode, which allows me to add photos, documents, and many other things. 

However, in team management, the messaging functionality appears to only allow plain text. I convinced my org to move to NGIN and use the TeamCenter, but now my coaches are wanting to attach playbooks to their emails and format the text (bold, underline, etc), but are not able to. I recognize that TeamCenter messages also go out as text messages, but the little messaging window that pops up already says "Text messages do not show the subject." Even if you just added the ability to attach files or format text, but put a warning that "Text messages do not include attachments or formatting", that might work. But ideally TeamCenter emails have the same functionality as the Admin panel Page Layout mode. And where I just showed all my coaches how to get into and use TeamCenter, I'd rather not teach them how to message through the Admin panel. 

  • Joe Proulx
  • Aug 5 2016
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