Mirror app's ability to 'sync to calendar' for a particular TEAM on the SE website, and not just 'all teams'

Currently, the mobile app allows a user to subscribe to a *single team's* schedule/calendar from the team's 'Schedule' section. The public-facing website also *can* provide a iCalendar (really, it's still a 'Webcal') link at the bottom of the 'Upcoming Events' section (assuming one posts this on the team's page/site). These single team Webcal links look similar to this:


HOWEVER, when a user logs into their SE account (on the web app) and goes to their 'Schedule' page, in the top-right is a 'Sync to Calendar' button. This generates/provides the user with a WebCal link that includes ALL teams that they are associated with (eg admin, staff, etc), whether they want to subscribe to a particular team's schedule or not, and they aren't warned about this or given any other options. This 'all teams' URL looks something like this:


For instance, I'm an admin for 4 different teams, but I'm only a coach of one team. I don't want to have all 4 teams' schedules on my computer's calendar, I only care about my team's schedule. I can think of a few other scenarios similar to this. Instead of *only* being able to 'sync to calendar' ALL teams one is associated with, at the vary least it would be helpful to offer the 'sync to calendar' button on each team's schedule page (which would subscribe the user only that team's schedule).

Since generating a team's webcal link is already implemented on the app, it seems like this would be a simple add (famous last words, I know) to get the web app to mirror the mobile app, and allow computer users to subscribe to only the team calendar(s) they care about.

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  • Aug 26 2019
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