Arrival Time vs Game Time

I entered our first team game in the SportEngine app. I have found that even though I listed the arrival time as 1/2 hour before game time that is not shown anywhere unless you click on the game.

For instance the sync with my iphone calander says arrive at 11am(instead of 10:30am).

When I open the app it also list's the game time as 11am and does not show the arrival time at all.

When I click on the game it finally says arrive time 10:30am game time 11am

This is not helpfull that an arrival time is not shown on my calander sync or under the schedule. You can only see arrival time by clicking on the game.

Team snap shows both on all pages and I really like that. Can this be corrected or fixed?

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  • Jul 15 2019
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Which sport(s) does this apply to: Soccer
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  • Grace Smith commented
    4 Sep, 2019 06:33pm

    This is VITAL.  I cannot have my football players arriving right at 9am when game starts when I infact inputted an arrival time of 45 minutes early.  What is the point of using this drop down if it won't SHOW clearly on the app. Parents will use all occasions to get to game  right when we start and it's VITAL for safety by warming up and to review plays prior to a tackle football game.  How can this be addressed?

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