Option to not remove existing RSVPs when event is changed

When an event such as a practice is edited (time or location changes), all existing RSVPs are removed.  If the change is significant, this makes sense - but if the change is minor, then it becomes problematic that everyone has to RSVP again.  Should provide an option for the administrator to determine if the RSVPs should be removed or not when they edit an event.

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  • Apr 9 2018
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  • Jul 9, 2018

    Admin response

    In our latest release to the SportsEngine Mobile App, any games or events that get updated will maintain the RSVPs that have been responded to. If team members want to update their availability based on the change to the game or event, they will be able to do so manually.

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  • Guest commented
    25 May, 2018 12:41pm


    Agreed this is a sorely needed option.

    To make sure coaches don't overlook the ability to keep/remove RSVP's and to make it obvious that the coaches will get to decide, here is an optimal way I think it could work:


    • Coach chooses to edit any aspect of their Game/Event
    • "Reset RSVPs?" radio buttons are included directly on the Game/Event edit screen and are NOT SET TO ANY VALUE. 
    • Coach taps save.
    • If Coach forgot to set "Reset RSVP's" to Yes or No, then a message tells them they need to make a selection before saving.
    • RSVPs will be retained or reset based on the coach's selection within the Game/Event edit screen



  • Terrance Daniels commented
    18 Apr, 2018 01:35pm

    Minimally there should be some sort of warning to the user that RSVPs will be cleared as part of the update, but I agree that clearing them as an option is preferred as the user updating should know if re-RSVPing is necessary.


    It's not documented anywhere that updating clears RSVPs for an event, so it is unexpected behavior.

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