Allow to turn off upcoming event reminders and let users control what they get

I have been using SportsEngine a couple of years as a team coach.  All of a sudden this year, I am getting more emails that I don't want.  Can you allow users to select what they want to get.  I need to control the volume of emails I receive in general and specifically about my coaching teams.  I don't need any event reminders. I spend my waking hours planning and organizing the events. I know darn well when they are upcoming.  Some folks may neeed a reminder but I do not.  Other sports APPS I use allow the users to control what they get.  

I also don't need the RSVP summary email.  I look at the RSVP page when I have the time...not when an email crowds my box.
Please let us control what emails we get now and as you add new email features.

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  • Mar 27 2018
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    Brad Holmgren commented
    4 Apr, 2018 01:55pm

    The best way to get in contact with someone who can walk you through this would be to either use our Live Support Chat feature OR submit a ticket here:

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    29 Mar, 2018 05:13pm

    Still confused.
    A call would help.
    732 236 3991 .
    ...or if outgoind calls are not allowed, then screenshots

    You mention user dashboard a couple of times including a "Team" section.
    Since we have our home club site and then the SPortEngine site, each with
    various options/buttons/etc....I'm not clear on where you mean.

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    Brad Holmgren commented
    29 Mar, 2018 04:56pm

    Yes, sorry for the confusion - the "Don't forget your upcoming events!" email is sent to team members as a summary of upcoming events and a reminder to RSVP (if they haven't) all in one! Team Managers/coaches will also get a summary of the team's RSVPs the day before the game/event. These can be disabled via the "Teams" section of your user dashboard. Just uncheck the box next to your email address under the "RSVP REMINDER" heading

    Disabling the RSVP/Don't Forget Upcoming Event emails won't disable the other communications you specified like those indicating you have a new message. Those are disabled in the settings area of your user dashboard.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions on this!

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    27 Mar, 2018 03:02pm

    What is an RSVP reminder?  Is that the same as the "Don't forget your upcoming events!" email?

    Also, I don't want to turn off settings so I get no notifications for new messages.  But I do want to turn off the managers emails showing the Event RSVP Summary email.  I look at the RSVP page when I have the time...not when an email crowds my box.

  • Admin
    Brad Holmgren commented
    27 Mar, 2018 02:49pm


    Thanks for your feedback! You can disable the RSVP reminder emails by logging into your SportsEngine account online (via your team's website) and visiting the "Teams" section. Here you're able to turn off the RSVP reminders for each team individually, in case you'd like to receive it for some teams but not others. You can also visit the Settings section which will allow you to choose whether you receive notifications of new messages from your team/organization via email or SMS.