Allow managers to enter RSVP for those not invited

Please allow managers to enter RSVP's even for those not invited.  If I speak to some players and know their status, I don't want to bother them with RSVP emails. Or if I have to delete and re-enter a game, I don't want to resend Invites....I just want to edit back their status.  I want this ability in the web site and mobile app.  Anything that reduces the number of emails sent is good. And anything that allows a manager to enter without waiting for player replies is good.

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  • Mar 27 2018
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    Brad Holmgren commented
    March 28, 2018 16:24


    You should be able to accomplish what you're looking for with our current functionality. Please take a look below and let us know if this will work for you!

    Our web interface and mobile interface both have the options to:

    • Choose whether to invite your entire team or only a selected group of players
    • Choose whether to send RSVP emails at the time you create your game/event
    • Send RSVP reminders manually based on the user's current RSVP response

    If you have players who you know cannot attend an game/event and you want to avoid sending unnecessary emails I suggest the following:

    1. Create your game/event with the "Invite All Players and Staff" toggled ON, and the "Send RSVP Reminders OFF".
    2. Go into the RSVPs section of the game/event details screen and respond NO for the players who you know cannot make the game
    3. Manually kick off the RSVP emails by clicking "send reminders". You can choose to send reminders to everyone, only those who have not responded, only those who's response isn't "NO" etc...

    This should accomplish not sending RSVPs emails to the users you mark as "no" manually.

    If you need to delete and re-enter a game without resending RSVP emails, you can do so by the following:

    1. Create the new game with the "Invite All Players and Staff" toggled ON, and the "Send RSVP Reminders OFF".
    2. Go into the RSVPs section of the game/event details screen and set the RSVP responses for all players
    3. No need to send RSVP reminders in this case
    4. Delete the old game, keep the new game.

    Please let us know if this will accomplish what you are looking for!

  • Guest commented
    March 28, 2018 16:41

    Doesn't inviting players get them a notification? I want to avoid notifying
    in some places and just enter the reply I already know.

  • Admin
    Brad Holmgren commented
    March 29, 2018 17:47

    Nope! Inviting players just allows them to RSVP to games and events. The "Send RSVP Reminders" toggle is what sends the email that indicates a new game has been added and asks the players to RSVP.

    The caveat here is that we send a "Don't forget your upcoming events" summary email every day which includes a summary of the events in the upcoming 48 hours (the player wouldn't receive this if there are no games/events in the next 48hrs) . This email is a summary of everything in the next 48hrs so in the scenario above the players who you manually marked as "No" would get the email indicating that they are marked as "no" to that game or event. Users can disable these emails from their user dashboard online under the "teams" tab if they no longer want to receive them, but that would stop them completely and not just for the games they are set to "no"

  • Guest commented
    April 02, 2018 03:27

    Oh boy. This is so frustrating. IEspecially when I ask for a call and get
    only emails.
    You said inviting does not generate an email to the player. SoI invited a
    player to test it and he got an email?
    Where is the misunderstanding happening between you and me?
    As i said, a call would be better than this never-ending email exchange
    over many days.

  • Admin
    Brad Holmgren commented
    April 04, 2018 13:56

    The best way to get in contact with someone who can walk you through this would be to either use our Live Support Chat feature OR submit a ticket here: