Copy Team Snap. Genuine suggestion and would make sense for you guys.

I've copied what better/bigger companies do in many businesses over the years, adjusting and changing things slightly. When an idea or app is a good one, it's worth copying many of the features.

Team Snap is a brilliant communication app and extremely user friendly. I'm sure you guys at SE won't mind me being blunt; they are ahead of the game in terms of having an App which is certainly superior to yours right now. That said, I know you continue to make updates and improvements. I love your website design and the fact that the app integrates with the website; this is why we switched over to your service.

Things like having the locations on the app divert to Waze/Apple Maps for example and not just Google Maps would make a big difference and shouldn't be a huge issue from a coding/implementation perspective. Having the ability to see roster players' details (email, phone number etc) for Administrators only (not teammates) would be another good idea.

Bottom line. Copy more of the Team Snap features and processes and you won't go far wrong. Because your app integrates with the website, this will give you a huge advantage over Team Snap moving forward.

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  • Jan 31 2018
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  • Colleen Roden commented
    November 28, 2018 19:54

    I have only started to use the app, but some specific improvements:

    1) I wasn't even able to update my own contact info on the app, I have to go into the website to do that.  Parents don't/won't go into a website to update their info.  I don't think I am able to update my or my players notifications either.  

    2) along the same lines, I couldn't add all the contact info I want.  Everything seems to have to be a profile, the member management is extremely complicated for the average users and the acceptance rate is very low

    3) because I can't add my own contacts, it takes alot of extra effort by the parents to go in, link a guardian, update player info, update their info.  I found that most people on a registration are only putting the patent email and no phone and the parent email ends up on the player profile so having to spend a ton of time trying to explain, over email, how a parent can go in and update their player and their information to receive emails.  

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    Mark Kamyszek commented
    01 Mar 14:39

    We've recently shipped an update (version 5.17 or higher) on iOS and Android that allow team coaches to view guardian contact information for each player on the roster. To view this, navigate to your team's roster, tap on a player to view their details and you'll see a new Guardian tab. From here you can also add new guardians on behalf of your players. -Mark

  • Guest commented
    01 Mar 15:47

    This is fantastic Mark; the only additional improvement would be to allow all roster members (parents) to view the contact info so that they can get in touch with each other. Is this possible?


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  • Colleen Roden commented
    01 Mar 16:06

    I don’t see this functionality. Can only coaches do this from the app, not administration people. Coaches don’t do this type of administrative activities on any team I have been with, club or school, it is always and admin person


  • Admin
    Mark Kamyszek commented
    01 Mar 17:15

    @Paul - this is something we are looking forward to once we enable contact privacy settings for users. Currently, those are not available.

  • Admin
    Mark Kamyszek commented
    01 Mar 17:22

    @Colleen - this functionality exists for both coaches and org admins. If you have the "admin" badge on a team and you are not seeing this option in the player's detail screen, please email me with your information at and we can take a closer look! -Mark

  • Colleen Roden commented
    01 Mar 22:07

    I have it now, thanks. I don't think the app had upgraded to the correct
    version when I tried it the first time. It is there now. Thank you!! Is
    this only available through the smartphone app then, not from the website?

  • Admin
    Mark Kamyszek commented
    04 Mar 14:43

    @Colleen - correct, this is currently only available on the SE mobile app.