Seeding of Pools should match the Standings page for ranking teams, if games have not been scored yet

Clients what to be able to display how teams rank coming into the tournament.  Currently teams are pulled in randomly by Team IDs.  The rankings of teams cannot be adjusted until games have been scored.

Admins should either be able to adjust how the teams are seen as ranked in the 'standings' page or the teams should automatically be ranked based on their seeding placement into the pools.

This would be more for clients who run leagues, then want to rank their teams for the end of year tournament based on their league standings.

  • Liz Haakenson
  • Feb 5 2015
  • Future consideration
Frequency Weekly
Which sport(s) does this apply to: Basketball, Lacrosse, Rugby, Ice Hockey, Soccer, Volleyball, Baseball, Softball
Organization type League
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