Photo Gallery- Needs Better Way to: view/select/download

Please make a better photo gallery that allows for easier download of photos. 
Parents go thru all the photos to find the photos of their child. 
It's hard to keep track of and sort thru all the photos with the current gallery, 
and the gallery doesn't allow for saving a selected image, 
the images can only be saved from the main screen, 
so there's no way to know where you are in the long list of images. 
Please make all the images available on the screen at once, 
and not on a fast sliding film strip at the bottom. 
Please allow for download of all photos in a group, 
so that we can sort thru and use as needed on our own with another software 
such as Google Photo. 
The current photo gallery is very difficult to use and takes way too much time to find 
and save photos. 
Thank You in advance for your prompt photo usage improvements.

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  • Jan 28 2019
Frequency Weekly
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