You might want to re-consider putting all of our contact info up on the team. Instead make it more secure. Set it up with a contact button, and once you click on it you have to answer I am not a robot screen. And then connect to our email.

This is useful for the security of the people whose contact information is available on sports engine

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  • Aug 22 2018
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  • Eric Anderson commented
    5 Nov, 2018 07:13pm

    For our site, we created a custom code for the charts on the page below. We created Contact elements for each person and put them on a private page. This keeps the email addresses out of the source code. We have been having problems with scammers using our addresses, and we are fairly certain they pulled the addresses out of the code. Our code is not perfect - no CAPTCHA, no close button, the lightbox size is bigger than it should be and after the email sends, the display is not pretty - but it works well enough.

  • Eric Anderson commented
    5 Nov, 2018 07:07pm

    YES! Please do this.