Social Integration & Auto Emails with News Stories

So right now, if I want to blast out important info to my membership, this is my workflow:

1 - Write a news story for the main page and tag any relevant teams (which gets it out to people who use the mobile app, but not everyone does).

2 - Send mass email to everyone from within SE

3 - Post to FB, IG, Twitter, etc


If I'm using all those networks, it could be up to five steps just to share the same information. 

Would love to see two major changes...first is the ability to post to Facebook from within the News Story creation process. In much the same way when you post to Instagram there is a simple toggle for whether or not you want to also share to FB. 

The second change would be the ability to have a News Story also blast out as an email. Perhaps a toggle on whether or not you want to send it, with the ability to define which group to send to (even if it was just predefined groups that would work). 

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  • Aug 1 2018
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Which sport(s) does this apply to: Football, Lacrosse, Ice Hockey
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    10 Oct, 2018 06:45pm

    YES! both please

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