Calendar with Grid View

The calendar display is not in a very easy to read. Look at Microsoft or Google and you see a grid. If there is nothing there, it still shows the time as empty. SE calendars show the day and the events of the day, but they’re just a list for each day. If you look at 2 days next to each other that have a different schedule, you can’t tell without having to read the times that they are different time.

The Google grid attached is easy to read, allows layering calendars by a group with color (like a team) and the tags are at the top and easy to read. SE tags are at the bottom and as you select, the page shoots up and down on each selection. You should be able to make multiple selections then update.

So far the only way I can do this is to go into Google, subscribe to a SE calendar and then embed that in my page. The real drawback is Google is not quick to update and can take hours. This should be an easy formatting view setup you can select for your calendar.

  • Todd Sharpe
  • Jul 15 2018
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