Allow for a full month view to be a display format for an Event Aggregator

For users to currently see a full month view of specific events, they either need to navigate to the calendar page and select specific tags, or select "view all" from an event aggregator that's restricted to a 5-day view, upcoming events list, or a filtered list.  

This isn't always an easy concept to grasp for website visitors, and isn't always the way an organization wants their navigation to be set up for users to view upcoming events.
It'd be nice if organizations had the option to select a "full month view" as a display format for an event aggregator, and allow users to navigate from month to month at this spot.
This is applicable to many different scenarios.  For example, an organization may want to show a full month calendar for their youth teams vs. high school teams, or softball vs. baseball on different pages of the site.  Additionally, Coaches/Team Managers may want to show a full month view on their team page.
The workaround for this right now is for an admin to import an iCal feed to a third party calendar such as Google, and then iframe that calendar into the site.  This not only looks sloppy, but it also requires a lot of additional work.
  • Braden Schrupp
  • Oct 19 2017
Frequency Several times a year
Which sport(s) does this apply to: Not Sport Specific
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