Use team short name in ical feed

event titles can get pushed off screen if the team name is too long. Using the shortname the team would still be identified  but not obscure the actual event title.  For example I know there's something for Midget B, but I have to open up the day to know if it's a practice/Game or other.

For example if Stoney Creek Midget B (####) has a Practice I see only the following on the phone:

Stoney Creek Midget B (####)

In our case using the short name i'd get SCMB - Practice

I still know it's for Stoney Creek Midget B, and see all the relevant info in the event title

I'd like to have the team name set to Stoney Creek Midget B (####), where #### represents their OWHA/LLFHL team number for the current season but have had to reduce it to simply Midget B. So that the event could be displayed

including their team number reduces the number of phone calls/emails/texts I receive when the team forgets their number, required for tournament registrations.

  • Roger Periard
  • Jul 16 2017
Frequency Daily
Which sport(s) does this apply to: Ice Hockey
Organization type Association/Club
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