Build in Logic to Prevent Double-Booking Venues

When building the site, we should be able to input all of the possible fields (venues) that our teams play/practice on. When managers schedule their games or practices, they would choose the location from this list via a drop-down menu. When we enter each venue, we could include a URL to the venue at that time. The site should also include logic to prevent double-booking of fields.

To go along with that concept, we should then be able to filter all games/practices on the calendar by venue. If a team is looking to schedule a practice, but need to find out what field might be available, it would make it much easier.

  • Matt Dewey
  • Mar 15 2017
Frequency Daily
Which sport(s) does this apply to: Not Sport Specific
Organization type League
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  • Jim Pfaff commented
    18 Apr, 2018 02:09am

    This needs to happen so badly.  We moved over from SIPlay and they have this feature, of course we were told this would be in SportsEngine, but it sure doesn't seem like they are working on it.

  • Club President commented
    21 Aug, 2017 10:25pm

    We will likely backout of using SE for registrations and scheduling unless this and several other features are added. There is no way with a limited staff, that we will do "Manual" tasks such as these. The whole reason for moving to this platform was for efficiency, effectiveness, and professionalism. Coming from Bluesombrero, a free platform, there are so many things lacking on this paid for system. Auto-Generate Teams, Auto-Schedule Matches, and Venue Selection For Double-Booking were all part of the FREE system. Let's get on it people.

  • Raymond Marano commented
    24 May, 2017 03:20am

    First of all I'm surprised that this idea was only proposed in March of 2017 and not much much earlier. Secondly I think that this is one of the things that the SE tool greatly lacks is a facilities management system such as being described in this request.

    I called into support for some ideas and besides creating a calendar and adding in a "venue" location, with the same name I have to force all my coaches to remember to EXACTLY spell out as what I have in their venue section to match my calendar filter, support had no other ideas.

    If the registration team can building registrations from using options from drop downs, then I'm not sure why the development team couldn't add some logic into that and add it into a calendar. Coming from League Athletics, that was one of the things they DID do right.

    I've had to do the poor man's schedule for my 10 different fields, by using the process above, but even then realistically I can only use the 5 day view to make it realistic for it to show up on one page for all the fields.

    This one really needs to get built !!!

    Ray M.

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