Decentralized Content Creation: Enhanced Media Content Upload/Metadata Tags/Filtered View (Social Media Functionality)

Before I continue - it should be noted that this idea has more impact than the Sitebuilder.  This is an overarching solution that impacts the Site, the Mobile app, League, and TeamCenter.


Creating a Media Stream Element with the same functionality found in Social Media sites and apps.  This is not a slideshow or single media file - but an actual Media feed that displays on the team's site and within the team's app that shows the most recent Photo/Video Media that combines the functionalities of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

By employing the power of Social Media (permissions, media content, metadata tags that are accessible on both mobile and desktop platforms) - parents/family members/fans/coaches can collaborate to enhance the content of the team's site, create an enhanced usefulness of the site to players, while saving the Site Admin countless hours of uploading the very same content.  This would generate increased traffic to a team's site, which could also be turned into increased fundraising for teams who advertise sponsors on their site.


Benefits & Use Cases:

Coaches: who can create videos of drills using their cell phone to post videos on the Team Site.  Videos are shot, tagged (example: "Outfield drills" or "Dribbling Drills"), uploaded to the site.  Media Stream Element then filters all uploaded videos by tags to display only the videos with that tag.  Coach would have the ability to upload multiple drills, applying the appropriate tags, and create an entire page of drills that can be displayed on the site/team page.


Players: Parents/family members/fans can capture highlight moments of a player's performance in a game on their mobile device, upload the video, tag the specific player in the video - then the Media Stream Element that resides on the Player's Roster page.

The Player's Page, which already includes all of the player's information, is now further enhanced by including highlight videos (similar to Facebook functionality where a person who has been tagged by a friend in a photo/video will have their friend's photo/video appear within the tagged person's own Facebook page).  

For older players who are looking to be recruited by college coaches - Players would have immediate highlight videos that the college coaches can view while researching the player's information.

Example - Jimmy, who plays for the Hornets, hits a game winning home run.  Mom, who is in the stands, captures the video of the home run.  Mom uploads the video from her phone into the Sports Engine app, tags "Jimmy" and tags the "Hornets".  The video automatically appears on the Hornets team page (because the Media Stream Element is set to display all Media tagged with "Hornets") and the video appears on Jimmy's roster page (because Jimmy's roster page has a Media Stream Element that is set to display all media tagged with "Jimmy" .  Since Jimmy was tagged - Jimmy also receives a notification via the SportsEngine app.  Mom is still at the ball park.  Mom didn't have to wait to get home, then transfer the video onto her computer, then upload it onto the site.  Mom didn't have to send the highlight video off to the Site Admin who is in Orlando at a Sales Conference for his 9-5 job.  Within 30 seconds - the content is on the site. 

Example 2 - The team is at a week long tournament, where hundreds of photos are taken by 15 different parents.  Each parent has the ability to upload these photos into the SportsEngine app, tag the appropriate players, coaches, and team - where by the photos then appear in a Media Stream Element.  Since the Media Stream Element allows photo uploads - the photos automatically display as a slideshow.  These photos then display wherever a Media Stream Element is placed and is set up to filter the photos for the appropriate tags.


Site Admins: Site Admins establish these Media Stream Elements anywhere within a site.  The Element is displayed as a video (480x270) or photo (275x200) window (with Full Screen capability) within the page.  Site Admins determine the appropriate tags to be displayed within each instance of the Element.  

Example - Site Admin creates a subpage on a Team site titled "Drills".  The "Drills" page includes 5 instances of the Media Stream Element.  Each Element is set to display videos by a tag(s).  One Element is set to stream videos tagged with "Infield Drills".  Another Element is set to stream videos tagged with "Defense". Another Element is tagged with "Hitting" and so on...  The Coach, who the Site admin granted proper access permissions, spends a day using his phone to creating videos of drills on Outfield Backups, Bunt Coverage, and Hitting off a Tee.  From his mobile device, the Coach uploads each video to the Sports Engine app, and selecting the appropriate tags for each video ("Defense", "Outfield", and "Hitting").  The videos automatically appears on the "Drills" page within the appropriate Media Stream Elements.  Because the power and functionality of Social Media has been coded into this Element, the Site Admin does not have to worry about getting 15 videos from 5 different coaches and uploading them onto the site.  The Site Admin doesn't have to spend his week uploading 20 different highlight videos and 100 photos from the weekend's tournament that was sent to him in various emails and text messages.  The Team's site has automatically become more robust with Video content that was created via "the power of the people".



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