Create Reports with Custom Criteria

Much like you have for the registration data...I can pick registered type, status, name, etc...I can filter the results based on some custom criteria.  I would like that ability for the stats.  This way I can create a report for players with X amount of Y penalty we can track how many players have 5 or more stick penalties...or 2 or more fights...etc.  I can also use those to remove subs from the stats pages.  Or maybe create a stats page for specific type of players...based on our line system which would be an attribute/variable associated with those players

  • Dan Hunt
  • Feb 10 2017
Frequency Daily
Which sport(s) does this apply to: Ice Hockey
Organization type League
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  • Rob Uibel commented
    25 Jan 00:31

    I have a need to see data for penalties and the current reports don't provide the detail needed.