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Add way to quickly chose event location from predetermined list (check box or similar) Merged

Most organizations use the same 3-4 facilities or locations for most of their games and/or practices.

When creating a new calendar event, there should be a quick and easy way to select one of those frequently-used locations, while also allowing the ability to type in a new/unique location if necessary.

This could be a site-level setting. The webmaster would define the names of the 3-4 facilities to appear on the Add New Event form and then the team manager or coach could just select one of the pre-defined locations when entering a new event. If the location didn't exist in the pre-defined list (like an away game), the manager/coach would just type in the location as on the current form.

In addition to saving a lot of time when entering a lot of events, this would add naming consistency across the organization if a lot of coaches/managers enter their own events on the calendar. One coach might currently abbreviate, one might spell out -- this would make everything consistent.

  • Robert Bedeaux
  • Nov 13 2014
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  • Nov 13, 2014

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