Add DOCUMENT as a LINK TYPE in Text Block

If I want to link to a document in Document Collector, I need to find the document, open it, grab the URL from my browser then go back to the text I want to link, highlight it, use the Link tool, select the Link Type as URL and then paste the link to the document and hit save. That's a lot of clicks for something that should be fairly easy. The ideal situation is that I just highlight the text I want to link to, use the Link tool, select the Link Type as document which will then allow me to select any document within Document Collector, once I do the text is now linked to that document.

  • Brian Buck
  • Aug 10 2016
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  • Aug 25, 2016

    Admin response

    Hi Brian, Have you considered using the Document page element? That element is great as it also shows an icon for the document so people know that it's an actual document to download.

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