Scouting Report of Player Profile Data

Create a pdf or excel report that contains the data on each player profile roster page.  For instance, some scouts want a report instead of clicking thru a website.  The report would display all of the player information from the header (name, school, height, weight, position, etc), the text included in text elements, links to video included in video elements, etc.  A PDF version could be customizable to include the player profile picture along with all the text information.  Users can query the information from the header in the report section to pull the players they want to see.  For instance, they can select by name, high school, position, etc to generate the report. and select the output of pdf or excel.

  • Tika Tinnon
  • Mar 18 2016
  • Future consideration
Frequency Daily
Which sport(s) does this apply to: Basketball, Baseball/Softball, Ice Hockey, Soccer, Volleyball, Other
Organization type Governing Body
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