Add ability to include direct links to external articles in the News Aggregator and News Slideshow

Currently, the News Aggregator and News Slideshow elements display articles created within the site.  Articles written by external sources (tournament schedule, blogs, newspaper, television, YouTube, etc) need to have a local article created with a link to the external source.  This causes the user to have to click through twice to reach the content - once to see the content of the local article, then again to see the external article.

Supporting the ability to create a news article link would eliminate the need for the second click.  Clicking a headline in either the Aggregator or Slideshow would navigate to the external source.  

This could be built into the existing Add Article dialog with a checkbox switch to indicate if this was a local article or link to and external URL.  The ability to add an image for the slideshow and to add tags is already there and is still useful for this case.

  • Robb Battist
  • Mar 10 2016
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  • Mar 12, 2016

    Admin response

    The media slider is designed to do exactly what you are looking for. It appears very similar to the news slide show. Here is a help article talking about how to use it.

    If you want just a list of articles, then I would suggest using the Feed element with an RSS feed

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  • Robb Battist commented
    7 Oct, 2016 07:44pm

    I understand the Media Slider and Feed elements exist and how to utilize them. The finer point that is being missed is I want these external news links to integrate with the original news articles in the News Slideshow and Aggregator.

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