Ability to store Locations for matches

It would be useful to save field locations for each team,  that way by default... the location fills in with the home teams field location.  Rather than having to type it in every time.  And if they use more than 1 location, have dropdown with options.

  • Keith Cattanach
  • Feb 28 2016
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  • Holly Wilkinson commented
    15 Sep, 2017 09:17pm

    It would be really nice to have the locations to be able to be saved in the system just lke the teams are saved. seems pretty easy to me

  • Keith Cattanach commented
    19 Jun, 2017 04:01pm

    I use Teamsnap for the Team I coach however have sports engine for the conference I run.  Teamsnap allows me to store locations with no problem.  I requested this a year ago and still no traction.  It can't be that complicated.

  • Jason Schwartz commented
    11 Aug, 2016 11:05pm

    Agreed! All our teams play at the same locations for away games. Rather than enter the info repeatedly for each game, we should be able to enter Facility (Rink, Field, etc.), Address, URL, Phone, etc. Once entered, a simple "Select Facility or Enter New Facility" option on the game/event page should be available.

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