Add the option for a "hero position" photo on news stories

This would be a hero-size photo that displays well in mobile or desktop. Current photo size inside body of the story is a thumbnail. Also allow multiple photos that can be inserted as various sizes in various locations (top of text, inside text, etc.)

  • Derrall Stalvey
  • Feb 11 2016
  • Already exists
Frequency Daily
Which sport(s) does this apply to: Soccer
Organization type Association/Club
  • Mar 13, 2016

    Admin response

    This is possible today. The image that is added as part of the news article 'edit' is designed as a thumbnail and only for the news slideshow. The rich text area is not the actual text of the article, rather this is just the summary. One should use the page elements to build out a news article. A typical layout would be a 2 column (⅔ and ⅓). The ⅔ would be a photo and a text block while the ⅓ is a great place for a sponsor and a news aggregator for other articles. See the attached screenshots as an example.

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