Differentiating between Games Dressed/Games Played/Games Started for Goalies

Hello Sports Ngin!

I work for the website and we are running in to an issue with parsing statistics from SportNgin pages to our website for hockey goalies. We are running across a number of instances where Games Played (GP) will show 20+ games, yet the goalie has only logged 200 minutes of ice time and has a 3-1-1 record (so they have clearly not played in 20+ games).

This is a very small issue when it comes to the casual sports fan, but in the data entry world it causes a lot of extra time clicking on each of those goalies names and going to their game log and counting the games they actually played in. Is there anything in the works where we can differentiate these statistics?

I would appreciate any thoughts or insights you may have on this matter!

Beau Marchwick

Data Entry: Statistics

  • Beau Marchwick
  • Feb 5 2016
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  • Robert Bedeaux commented
    25 Mar, 2016 05:43pm

    Hi there, Are you using our developer API or are you trying to get the information another way?

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