Provide Ability to Show Games by Location

SportsNgin needs to add the ability for leagues to be able to view games by location.  We have gym supervisors who manage our game sites for each day, and they cannot figure out what games will be coming into their gym unless they go to each division and date and then piece together the game schedule.  Our previous website provided for a Locations page on the main menu bar where we could load in our gamesite location address and add a Google or Yahoo map.   Then, when we added games, there was a Locations (Venues) drop down, where we could choose the appropriate gym.    When a user clicked on that game, the Location/Venue name was a link to that site's Google/Yahoo map.   This would be very beneficial to leagues who have site/field managers.

  • Dean Niforos
  • Jan 8 2016
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Frequency Weekly
Which sport(s) does this apply to: Basketball, Baseball
Organization type League
  • Mar 18, 2016

    Admin response

    You can do this today by creating an event aggregator by each location you have. For example, if you have three gyms (Nokomis, Itsasca, and Frontenac), you would create there aggregators labeled with each and then in the location field fill in the name of the gym. When the events or games are created, that location should be used on the event. 


    See the following help article for more info.

    How Do I Use Location Filtering with Event Aggregators?

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