Increase Report Listing Limitations

The limit of 100 report listing rows can be a hindrance if you are using javascript to search the entire collection of returned rows.

Having them break into pages prevents scripts from searching the entire collection

  • Mark Clark
  • Dec 16 2015
Frequency Daily
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  • Mark Clark commented
    27 Jan, 2016 06:27pm


    I currently have 2 issues with only showing 100 records:

    When the 100 records load, the jQuery does a bunch of stuff to the table depending on what the rows have in them. (Adding a video link, Adding a inquiry column, etc)  but when there is a need to go to the next page to see info, there is no listener to tell the jQuery to start again,  Rebuilding the columns and items that I need

    Secondly, I created a really great search jQuery for coaches to find the players quicky, but when they are on any page other than the one the coach is looking at, the search doesnt find them

    The real need here is for searching and manipulating the data.  There is a need to have it all available at one time to do that.

  • Admin
    Jason Bates commented
    27 Jan, 2016 05:41pm

    Thanks Mark.  Quick question - is the underlying request here to make all records discoverable/searchable when paging is needed for UI purposes due to a large amount of records?  Is this something that we could build into a mainline product (e.g. query tools for report listings?).  Also, am I assuming correctly that a "view all" option would not meet the need here if we defaulted to a paged view, as that would still trip up the JS?

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