Add Team/ Club Information to Member Registration Information

As an admin, You have people registering for the website to edit team, or club pages. The only problem is, you do not know who is associated with what team or club to be able to give them permissions to edit the page without emailing all of them to see who they are associated with. 

  • Ian Shott
  • Oct 23 2015
  • Already exists
Frequency Daily
Which sport(s) does this apply to: Not Sport Specific
Organization type Governing Body
  • Mar 18, 2016

    Admin Response

    You can already do this by using a registration session. Create a registration session with all of the information you want to collect. You can then provide access by either creating smart groups, manually providing access to various people or just use the information you collect for other purposes. To hide the 'Join our Site' button at the top of the page, set the Membership Privacy to 'Invite only.' This can be found in the admin control panel/website settings/membership privacy

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