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Add reminder notifications for events

When you create an event for a team, create an app reminder notification that pops up ahead of the event. Similar to how google calendar reminders pop up. 

As a team coach or manager, I'd like to add reminders to events (games, practices etc) that I add to our team schedule so that parents and athletes are reminded of upcoming events. I'd like to be able to configure the reminder and also add multiple reminders per event.

  • Jim Dahline
  • Oct 14 2015
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  • Dec 28, 2017

    Admin response

    Reminders can no be enabled on events in team management. They are sent out 48 hours before the event. Additionally, coaches/staff will receive a reminder summarizing who is attending 24 hours before an event. 

    Read more on the Help Center

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  • Tracey Schnabel commented
    1 Apr, 2017 04:19am

    I've had the same issue with our Club -- coaches and players/families would like alerts.  Another idea that I will submit separately is to add an optional "arrival time" in addition to the actual event time.  If the manager/coach sets an "arrival time", the alert should be relative to the arrival.

  • Joe Proulx commented
    5 Aug, 2016 01:34pm

    Came here to suggest this exact thing. I run NGIN sites for three different organizations, and my son plays for a fourth org that uses LeagueAthletics (which I'm overall not at all a fan of). But one thing LA does well is event notifications. I'm not sure what exists on the back end, but we get a reminder notification (either by text, email, or on their app...user preference) a few days before each and every event, be it game or practice. Then we get another a few hours before on the day of the event. Each notification has the RSVP yes/no option. The consistency of these notifications tells me they're automated, versus NGIN which only triggers a notification (and activates the RSVP option) the moment you invite your rostered players to an event. As another user mentioned, this is not ideal for a coach or team manager because (a) they need to go in and manually invite rostered players to every event, and (b) it immediately triggers a notification regardless of when the event is. For our hockey program, which spans 6 months and may have up to 100 events per team, there is no way I can tell my coaches or team managers to run this manually. 

    Absolutely love NGIN but this is a crucial thing that parents are beginning to expect. 

  • Sandra Summers commented
    27 May, 2016 03:52pm

    Many of our managers use TeamSnap and we want them to use Sport Ngin instead.  Not having the reminder will make it a hard sell to many of them.  

    On the flip side, many TeamSnap parents hate all the reminders and delete without reading.  If you do add the reminder functionality it may be advantageous to give the user the option to turn it off.

  • Jim Dahline commented
    1 Feb, 2016 08:13pm

    100% agree. Reminders is an important feature we need to get better at.

    One thing you could do is just send out a message from Team Center. I know not ideal, but a better solution than changing the time to trigger an update.

  • Justin Lasley commented
    1 Feb, 2016 08:09pm

    Hi Jim.

    Thanks for that feedback. That update for added/update events works, but I think the functionality needs to be enhanced or reconsidered. Today is Feb 1st. If I add an event today for Feb 26th, subscribers get notified TODAYof the event being added for later this month. I have other events scheduled this week so it doesn't seem logical to notify subscribers NOW for an event that is 3-4 weeks away. It would make more sense to notify them of events happening this week.

    For the events I have this week, the only way I can remind subscribers is to go and manually change the event to trigger an event notification (unless I'm missing something). Automating the calendar reminder notification (email, text, app, or all three) will allow Sports Ngin to provide a "calendar reminder" notification that many of us depend on. I understand it's being looked into, but until it exists, I know many of my subscribers will continue to favor other options like Shutterfly. 

  • Jim Dahline commented
    1 Feb, 2016 07:49pm

    As our team management tools evolve, highly requested features like this will get added in. Not sure exactly when. We did just release an update that sent out notifications via the mobile app when events and games are updated/changed. 

  • Justin Lasley commented
    1 Feb, 2016 05:59pm

    Parents like to be notified via email to remind them of events (1 day notice for games, practice, etc.). They also like to be notified of changes to events. Our team has opted to use Shutterfly instead because the email notification is such a critical communication piece. Adding this to Sports Ngin would make it a much stronger offering for team management. 

  • Ryan Huff commented
    1 Feb, 2016 04:12pm

    Many of my teams won't use the Sportngin team management without event reminder notifications. It needs to also support email notification, however. This is a feature that draws many parents to use Shutterfly for team management.

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