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I find it difficult to get our volunteer coaches to use Sport NGIN to manage their teams.  Once  a coach is granted access to a team page he or she can, in theory, visit the admin panel to get "help" and perhaps even find the "Coaches Guide".  The issue is that the existing Coaches Guide is not comprehensive enough, it's not easy to find on your own, and the content is fragmented. As a result, it's like pulling teeth to get our coaches on board with using their team page to keep the player families up to date on practices, games, news etc.  We promote that they should select a volunteer parent to be team manager but most are reluctant and simply resort to personal email to "manage" the team.

I think there is a benefit to provide a more comprehensive onboarding guide to introduce the benefits of Sport NGIN and how to effectively use the tool (and great mobile app) from the time they volunteer to be a coach through the end of the season - sort of like the lifecycle guide to help at each phase of the season.

I tried to assemble a "team communications" guide (attached), but it's a lot of work to customize for my organization, especially when you layer in Sport NGIN feature changes. I think Sport NGIN is in a better position to produce and maintain such a guide and would improve user experience as well as positive word of mouth for Sport NGIN. 

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  • Oct 2 2015
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Which sport(s) does this apply to: Basketball, Football, Lacrosse, Ice Hockey, Soccer, Baseball
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  • Suzi Magill commented
    2 Oct, 2015 03:21pm

    Our documentation group is currently working on updating all Sport Ngin documentation to be more comprehensive and user friendly. We appreciate your comments and thank you for attaching your guide--it's very good! 

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