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Add randomizer option to Media Slider

The media slider currently displays the slides in a set order.  While this is useful to display items in a chronological order, it means the same slides will appear first every time the page is loaded.  If you have fewer slides this may not be an issue, but with more the later slides will display more rarely.  

A randomizing function similar to the way the Left Panel graphics work in a 2-column layout would make the Media Slider more flexible.  It could then be a possible advertising alternative, or just give users a fresh view each time they loaded the page.

  • Robb Battist
  • Sep 15 2015
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  • Rick Eddy commented
    10 May, 2018 08:06pm

    Would love to offer this for sponsors.  I could guarantee each one had an equal opportunity per page view.  A Tweak like this and I could mirror it to all my pages and really show added value for the sponsors to donate.

    I've been able to code some random slideshows with varying degrees of success.   This would just be so much nicer to check a box for randomize.

  • Jeff Cook commented
    4 Jan, 2017 04:12am

    Would be great for sponsors...

  • Chris Miller commented
    22 Nov, 2015 02:46am

    Yes...we'd love to see this! We use the media slider for sponsor logos and it would be great to randomly display the images so they all get exposure. 

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