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Would be great if we hand control over the Standings AFTER a season / league has been created. There are only a select few ways to control the leaders (i.e. Plus/Minus or Winning Percentage or Games Back, etc.). I've tried to Custom design Standings, but there always seems to be an issue towards the end of the season. There are always 3-way ties, and it would be nice if we could simply slide a team up or down in the Standings, to accurately portray their seeding. For example - a team that's listed 3rd in the Standings is really in 4th due to a tiebreaker, so why can't i just slide him down into 4th place, and move the 4th place team into 3rd place? The website i had 5 years ago (before NGIN) made this simple and easy. Shouldn't be hard to make possible. Anyhow, hope you guys can make that possible in the near future. Thanks.

  • Jason Ross
  • Sep 9 2015
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    20 Feb, 2019 12:57pm

    Came here to post this. 

    Just had my first experience with a lacrosse house league. Only had two options when setting up the league - MLL or NLL. Neither take into account goals for, which is how we'd prefer to break standings ties. So now we have a playoff bracket that we set up that overrides the standings, and we're getting questions. 

    Now that SE owns TourneyMachine, I'd love to see a format like TM where you can define all the variables that determine standings - games, wins, %, games back, goals for, goals against, differential, etc. 

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