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Password Protected Pages

  • Mark Moore
  • Aug 31 2015
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Which sport(s) does this apply to: Soccer
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  • Mar 11, 2016

    Admin response

    Setting up pages with a single password is not something we're likely to implement since we put security in place based on user accounts.

    Here's our recommendation. Set the pages you want to be private to "private". Then create a smart group ex. "private members" and give that group viewer permission for the private pages.

    For the smart group, you can set it up based on who you want to be in there. Sounds like you want people who become a member and have been approved (assuming that is your membership privacy setting). Then, anyone you approve for membership, will have access to view all of those private pages.  

    Here's a screenshot to help out.

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  • Kevin Santos commented
    28 Mar, 2019 01:25pm

    This would be great - I want to create a page where players can come in type a password and get access to weekly homework drills etc.

    My U10 players can manage that but asking mom and dad to log them in and all these extra steps pretty much defeats the ease of use for them. Which means they just won't view the content.

  • Mark Moore commented
    17 Sep, 2015 08:44pm

    We have sections of the website where we want our members to view information - and not our competing organizations. However, we have no way to password protect a page. Instead, we have to go through the SportNgin registration, then OUR registration (so that we have the appropriate sort categories) then grant them access to a private page. Not only do we have to do more work, but our membership has to register twice - just to get to a private page.

  • Mark Moore commented
    31 Aug, 2015 08:15pm

    I've built every website that NC Youth Soccer has had in it's existence and this is the first time I can't password protect a page. I've been given instructions on how to invite members and move them to a group, etc., but we have many pages we want passworded for portions of our membership and to go the route you've given me is adding much work for us. We should be able to create a passworded page (or group of pages) and send that link with the log-in to who we want. I feel like I've taken a step backwards.

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