Allow "all current members" to view a page

Right now, I can control access to a page with the display statuses (Disabled, Private, Public).  These three choices don't allow me to display a page for users who are registered to my site.  I was hoping for a Members option to offer, for example, a page for Parents.

There is an "Anyone" permissions group that is available on Public pages (that seems redundant, but OK...).  There could be a Members permission group here, if that fit into the architecture a little better.

It was suggested that create a group, which does seem possible (smart group with Member Status = Active), but that points out an additional requirement: I want to display a page for *current* parents.  I imagine that Active members would include anyone who has (self-) registered with the site, including previous year's parents.

I don't want to (manually) disable the accounts of previous year's parents, since that would prevent them from access their team's scores, messages, videos, etc.  From what I understand, they could also rejoin at any time, which would also defeat the purpose.

I could create a Smart Group of people who have paid this year's registration, but that doesn't cover all the current people (2nd parent accounts, etc).

Hope that all makes sense!

  • Robert Boucher
  • Aug 30 2015
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  • Sep 2, 2015

    Admin response

    Can you describe in more detail the type of things you want to make public versus private? Is it a single page or your entire site? Also, how do you determine someone is active? Is it because they have gone through our registration process and paid a fee or just 'registered' 

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  • Robert Boucher commented
    2 Sep, 2015 03:36am

    Information for people who are currently a member of the club, perhaps:

    • phone numbers of board members, instead of just the public email addresses
    • information on other rinks (including unflattering comments about the theft risk, which you may not want google to index).
    • lists of super secret cool things to do at tournament locations

    i'm sure there are more idea, too.  It's stuff that might be shared in association/team meetings or in the hallway, but not shared publicly.

    These would be "benefits of being in the club", and would expire if you weren't active with the club any longer.  With these permissions, we could have everything on the site, which would prevent information loss due to staff turnover.

    To repeat, I don't want to disable prior-year parents from seeing their old team page, and I don't want to tie it to paying money.

    I think there was another ticket about expiration of users.  Perhaps a season could have dates, and we could setup permissions to people who are registered for teams in a "current" season?

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