Allow authorized users to send email to rostered players/coaches from SportNgin mobile app

The ability to send emails to players from within the website is very powerful but also very cumbersome to use on a mobile device.

Ability to quickly send a basic email via the sportngin mobile app to players on teams would be very useful, especially when coaches are in transit and there is a sudden cancellation or change in time or venue. If the coach or admin could go through the sportngin mobile app, select his team, and simply send a basic message to the rostered players and coaches on that team directly from his phone (eg, "Game will start early!") it would make time sensitive communication much easier, particularly when the coach is not at a desktop computer and working on a five inch screen on his phone.

Alternately, if each team had a default email distribution list that the coach could tie to each team) and send a basic email to that address (eg, or whatever) and basic emails sent to that address from authorized users would be forwarded to the members of the team like a mail group, that would be very useful as an alternative.

Easy mobile integration for emails is really needed as we are having to export lists and use third parties for this type of functionality now.

  • Donald Walker
  • Jul 13 2015
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  • Sep 28, 2015

    Admin response

    This feature now exists as part of our team management tools. You can see a quick overview here

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